Colours and Emotions

The significance of major colours and the emotions attached with them

Colours are one of the best ways to represent ones emotions. By colours I am also referring to the act of drawing or painting using colours.

Emotions refer to a person’s state of mind, or simply how the person is feeling at any point in time. For example anger is best represented by the colour red. But this example is a very simple presentation of the link between colours and emotions. Are emotions always so simple?

Some emotions are way too complex to be described in words. Sometimes you may feel a mixture of feelings like anger and sadness when you have not been able to perform well in a test. In such a scenario some people like me prefer to draw to calm themselves down. Drawing, painting or doodling whatever it may be always has a soothing effect on a person’s mind.

So I hope there are many people who are able to identify with my interpretation of the strong bond between colours and emotions.

So stay calm and keep painting!