The comfort of being uncomfortable

A man standing with his hands wide open

The world wants us to leave it better than we found it, it wants us to be the change, by speaking up and being the first domino. 

For a line of dominos to fall, one domino has to fall first, which leaves no choice for the others but to fall. For me, being a domino means doing the hardest things, especially when they are needed with the hope that others will follow soon.

But let’s put the light on a very important topic, which is fear. 

Some will say “We are fearless!”, but none of them is unfraid of the consequences of their fall, and few of them are truly willing to be the next domino. Fear has a very concerete power of keeping us from doing and saying the things that are our purpose.

We know that keeping our silence is comfortable, keeping things the way they are is comfortable, but comfort is overrated when being yourself could be a revolutionary act! Because remember, bridges that aren’t based on truth will collapse, and you have nothing but yourself and truth to powerfully introduce yourself to the world where people count on your silence to keep you exactly where you are now. Silence won’t save you neither protect you, because with every word spoken and every failed attempt you will do, a contact will be made. Be the next domino and start your journey.

So, in a world that expects us to whisper, I choose to yell.


Give me the liberty to know, to utter, and to argue freely according to conscience, above all liberties.
John Milton
Syrian Arab Republic