Comfort Zone

Like this plant, we always have choose to growth or to stay in comfort zone.

I'm out of my comfort zone. It was an excellent decision that I took this year.

In my opinion, the comfort zone is an easy choice made by everyone in their life. This zone is like playing in a line that contains a lot of toys, but actually, beyond the line, there's a more giant toy, blocked by huge tall weeds. To reach those toys, we need to cut the huge tall weeds that block them. 

In life, inside a line, contains a life that's often done so familiarly, comfortably, and very easily. At the same time beyond the lines, there is a better life. Yet, there are a lot of obstacles. 

This year, I took an important decision in my life. Yes, Get out of my comfort zone. I choose to do things that I've never done before. It was hard at first. How not, doing what has never been done means learning something new and fresh, but I believe that I can do it and I can get through this. 

Feel free to move out of your comfort zone. Doing something new may sound difficult, but learning new things lets us know what we like and dislike, and what our goals are, and we can meet new people from different perspectives. 

Dear readers, continuing to achieve what your dream of, your decision to get out of your comfort zone is the greatest decision you've ever made. Keep trying and never give up. Your effort today will be rewarded. Maybe not now, but someday.