A major reason for conflicts for us is that we don't want to find the solution to the problem, but instead blame each other for causing it. 

No lock is invented without a key. Similarly, there are solutions to every problem we face. We can get to them by analyzing the situation.

I know it's not that easy as it looks but at least we can try our best:

For our relationships to last longer.
For our bonding to be stronger.
For being mature enough to deal with it.
For other people to be happy.

Remember, if you have a problem it should not be you vs the other person. It should be between you and the other person versus the problem.
Try to keep this in mind and I am sure it will help you to find a solution to it.

Plus, please don't bring your ego in between fights - it will make the situation worse. Ego never helps a person to grow. You should know the difference between ego and pride. Pride is when you get motivated by your accomplishments. Ego is when you feel you're superior to others.

Learn to respect other's points of view. That's how you will come to a healthy solution.

Never neglect the problem, it will only widen up the gap and bring stress to you. Face them with courage.

No one promised life would be easy. They just promised it would be worth it.🍁

Peace is not absence of conflict, but the ability to cope with it~