Conflicts and Religion

Religion and differences

We live in a world with many cultures that have been there from the past. It was spread all over the world based on the area and its people. Religion is the worship of a god or gods. But we humans have destroyed the meaning of religion leading to many deaths and horrible events. Everyone has the right to follow the religion they want to but it is causing a lot of social problems. There is no other way but to try to solve the problem and unite as a whole. I am not saying to leave the religion that you follow right now, I am not saying that people have to change. I just want the world to be a better place to live for us and our future generations. The problem that is growing can be solved but I do not think I can do it by myself, for this, we have to unite, we have to work together as a group and solve it.

We say unity in diversity, but what is the need for it if we can't learn to live in peace and harmony? We all know that there have been many conflicts around the world that have been causing a lot of harm, especially religious conflict as that is what affects the people the most as they are so attached to those religions. To solve these conflicts, we need to think about the past and predict the future.

A very important example of religious conflicts that we all most likely know about is the Jewish Holocaust and the Partition. So many people lost their lives during these events. So many people lost their families. We can't bring them back now but we sure can stop it from happening again. “The holocaust not only is a tragedy for the Jewish people, but it is also the failure of humanity as a whole” (Moshe Katsav). There have been times when people have even had wars only because of religion. It is because all people want to prove that their religion is right. In my opinion, no religion is right or wrong. It is just a set of beliefs that have been there for ages and we humans know what is wrong and what is right, don’t we? This problem can be solved by only one thing “knowledge”. It is the most important thing in the world right now and who can understand it better? Youth. Yes, we can make a difference by teaching the people that such a beautiful thing like religion should not cause these problems.

People should be known and judged only by their work, attitude, and personality but not by their religion. There are a lot of examples of this problem, people who go for job interviews are often judged by their looks and by their religions. Looking at this companies often lose out on some outstanding minds and end up regretting their decisions.

Due to the recent conflicts, so many young people have lost hope in their religion and are becoming atheists. Do not blame them, blame the people who make a huge problem out of a small thing and blame each other. We cannot blame each other. We are the ones to blame.

All religions living and working in unity is not a very hard thing to do. The united nations, the armed forces, and even our school itself are so diverse but are maintaining peace. People say that they don't like the other religions but we see them come together in dire moments, like the recent Kerala floods. The temples, churches, and mosques opened their door for all the affected people and gave resources. We should not be slowed down by these conflicts, but it should be our hope for a better tomorrow. We should be the hope for a better tomorrow. The youth should be the hope for a better tomorrow. It's never too soon, it's never too late. We can do it, we can end religious conflicts. We can do it as a whole.