Conversations with mind and me!

A picture of me sitting in the grass while the sunset hit me :(

I've been hanging amidst my decisions

Time is Passing by... 

And I feel I am not doing the things I should have been. 

I want to do so much, learn so much! Achieve so much

And at some point it feels, it's not happening and I question "Why?"

You're doing everything you can

And with every "it's not happening" Arises self doubt. 

"Am I really capable? ", " It seems impossible! ", " Maybe it's not meant for me ", " It's too big a dream! "

The only reason that will keep you get going is The​​​​​ Reason why you first choose to chase that dream. 

That's all it takes one single reason. 

I have my single reason, I have that gut feeling but again it seems too far, and I am, I don't know where I am, Where do I lie in the distance towards the receiving end? 

This happens, I've heard accomplished people saying. Sometimes just wait till passion finds you. 

And I don't know, I am still in quest of my passion or the one I am working on is my passion? I feel like it is... But it seems far, so farr

I need..Answers.