Coping with Adolescence

Adulting v. applying ancient wisdom in the modern world

I would always remember years back in college how my heart feels so good when my feet are inside my General Psychology classroom, and how it pounded more with excitement when we start tackling and battling with words under a topic – Stages of Human Development.

Until I turned to teaching, I still aim for Personal Development so I could always have a good talk and response to this particular topic. For I have fell in a trap that knowing something about these stages will give me a better understanding of one’s personal growth, behavior, and attitude towards something. Well actually, it is really different when you experience it firsthand.

Many would say, adulthood is the best part of one’s life – and I probably cannot agree more. With all the roller coaster ride of emotions, experiences, success, and even downfalls? Who would say no? However, this time I would just want to point out and have a deep dive into a few main things about being an ADULT.

Let’s start with the basics.

Being an adult means hoarding different flavors of air freshener, essential oils, mosquito killers, personal room speakers, complete sleeping gears, and oh can we not forget – tons of skincare paraphernalia. Because being an adult would also mean taking good care of yourself whatever it may cost you. That self-love is much important than any offer other people will give you.

It is the age where you go and eat in a luxurious restaurant and wear the most classic yet exclusive dress of all time because you know that you have been working so hard and that you deserve a single moment of celebration and appreciation of all the things you have accomplished. So, you go girl!

The exact age where you realize that having less is more, and having more is less. In terms of having friends, you don’t say a circle, because what you need is that one good and trusted friend to complete the ride. That having fewer people in life is much easier because what you need is one single judgment and not everyone’s approval.

In this stage, it is where breakdowns happen, but it is also the time where real understanding and appreciation begins. It is where you will hear the most pointless and hurtful words from other people who are not even giving a single effort nor definition to your life. But it is also where you will understand why do you have to hear it, and sooner appreciate that once in your life, these hurtful words and experiences paved the way to where you will be and what you will become in the future.

Adulthood may seem intimidating for it is where you will encounter different sizes and shades of problem, but believe me, as what they say, and I quote, “It is wherewith the fire that brings forth gold and godliness.”

You go girl!