Coronavirus: The Great Reminder For Humans


I just saw some jokes in Twitter about COVID-19 related to Asians and Chinese people. As an Asian, it's not funny at all to joke like that in this situation, and I got a little bit offended.

They said "don't be close to Chinese people." How can this be possible, while China also helps other countries to solve the problem? Why don't they use their maturity and humanity to act? Please, don't be racist, and if your friends are infected with COVID-19, avoid the virus, not the person.

COVID-19 is a big reminder for humans. Though many people have died and become sick, we can still try to find some positivity in the crisis. Before the virus came, the world was full of selfish people. People trying to get fame. People crazy for money. Politics getting hotter and hotter. People not caring for the poor. Trash everywhere. Pollution and global warming making Mother Earth sick.

But after the virus, just look at around. COVID-19 teaches us to always look out for everyone and not be selfish. COVID-19 will show us who are the real people with humanity, and who are the real monsters. It teaches us to be a good citizen and stay home. It reminds us to care not about money, but unity.

Chinese people in Wuhan gathered together to solve the problem in their country. Then, they also gave help to Italy which also had many victims. It reminds us that kindness matters. Lots of people have donated to hospitals to fight it. It gives us a chance to be real humans, to be kind, and understand the situation. People are ordered to stay home, obey the rules, and respect the medicals worker who handle it. That is not so hard.

It reminds us that we are all the same, no matter how rich we are, how famous we are, how beautiful we are. If you get corona, you get it. It reminds us that no one is perfect. Even Hollywood actresses are getting  COVID-19. It reminds us that we should take a rest to let Mother Earth live again. The environment is getting stronger, the air is getting more fresh, and the water is getting clearer.

COVID-19 is not just a virus, but a great reminder for humanity. We can see the impacts of what we have done, but we can also solve it together. Also, please stay home. It's time you make the world better, so use this time better.