Corruption is a super power?

Money hanging from clothes pins

What is corruption?

Is it mass destruction of monumental instruction?

Maybe it’s the path our fore fathers paved for us so we could be resurrected.

Resurrection lies in the hands in which we have elected.

Election, a funny word it may seem.

Who is actually in control, is it you or me?


We the people they say.

We have the power they say.

Your destiny is yours they say.

Yet we live in a world where every man lives for themselves.

Our life span is determined by the choices we left on the shelves.


Depression, recessions, and yet still no acceptance.

This is our generation.

They act like they hate it, but choose to accept it.

Lying, crying, and ruined reputations,

All factors to construct one frustrated nation,

As if the world isn't bad enough.


Corruption; he is our landlord and we are all tenants.

No matter how much we pay he’ll just extend our sentence.

Shackles and chains we took our freedom in vain.

We’re actors of sufferance, but we do enjoy the pain.

History has once again proved that corruption reigns above all.

We let the white men back in and our country took the fall.


Can you define yourself in society in just one word?

Are you the same person you were when you were born?

Of course not, but yet you still wait to be served.

A fraud check on one plate and your education in another. 

Now a days kids my age would pick the fraudulent check with no hesitation.

Living life on the edge, with a heart that cant seem to stop racing.


Corruption has become our best friend right?

Just right; wrong.

Why do we try and stop him from walking through the doors?

Is it because behind the mask there are more?

More than a scary face and a haunted past?

It’s our futures vivid and bright like stain glass windows.

Depiction of our futures is in vain.

Once we find out the truth,

Corruption will never be the same.

"Corruption is like a ball of snow, once it's set a rolling it must increase" - Charles Caleb Colton
United States of America