Covid-19 and us

Two people walking on the empty road

Today, whenever I think about my surroundings I find everyone is disturbed, stressed and frightened. People who go to offices and hospitals daily , come back with a fear that they might harm their family. There are patients who are afraid of dying. There are students who knows everything what's going but could help no one including themselves.

How does it feel like to be packed in house for almost 15 months? Miserable. For a student who is packed in the house with 5-6 hours of online classes, strained eyes, evening headaches and same routine the next day, it feels miserable. Being in class 12th with standard level of syllabus, with competition to get a seat in collage , with a race to score 90 above percentage, with a pressure of completing doubts and fear of not understanding concepts, it feels horrible and hopeless.

This year , I have to appear for board exams. I don't know whether I am ready for it or not. Most of the things I have studied on my own and I don't know whether I have understood them correctly or not. But we have no choice. Everyday getting a news from the family of someone dying or someone getting covid positive. All we students are left with is anxiety, lack of concentration, pressure, fear, aimless and laziness.

It's not a solution to let things go the way it is going. Yes, we cannot help people by providing oxygen neither we can arrange medicines. The only thing we can do is to be positive. Why not help our parents to understand the reason of getting fever after taking vaccine and satisfy them to believe vaccines are safe. Why not talk to our friends and discuss some study stuffs. Why not grab the opportunity to hold back the hobbies we have left years behind. Why not just sing , dance, laugh , cook, design ,create and be happy. Why not be what we always wanted ourselves to be.

Doesn't life give us one reason to die but a thousand reasons to live? I know , my future will be like the one I wanted it to be. Though, it is not going to be according to my plans but it isn't going to be lifeless either. If not searched for a solution yet do it now. The things which are already decided to happen, will happen no matter how much you want it to deny. In the end, everything we are facing today will become a memory for the future us. Let's be a happy part of these memories and cherish life as it is meant to be.

Let's win this battle with all our energy, hopes and safety measures. Let's be safe to keep others and become a corona warrior within ourself. We will win definitely.