Covid-19 In Nepal

Priyanka Pathak From Nepal.

I remember the depression and anxiety during the pre-Covid lockdown. Having nothing to do and reclining in bed the whole day without having a purpose in life appended to it all. Reflecting back on my past year, I have changed a lot at least I don't sleep the whole day and spend my time scrolling Facebook futilely. But I just realized I had gone through a major depression during that time and I won’t say I am over it all but I have changed for good. I am an introvert and I don't prefer being around people much except my close ones but I could only acknowledge how hard it is for those who used to hang around with friends. I have seen people dying from my own community, my relatives getting infected and we not even being able to pick up our essentials. It has made our life excruciating. We are a poor country and we are neighbors to India, we have seen people dying innumerably there. The condition in Nepal is also worsening day by day and the availability of oxygen is sooner going to be scarce. People are examined outside of the hospital premises because of the lack of beds. The use of an oximeter to measure the level of oxygen at home isn’t much familiar to ignorant families going through home treatments of Covid 19.  I don't think most of us are even vaccinated and even our own family isn’t. This has again created the same situation as before. We are also given a week’s break from our college because of the mental stress the ongoing situation has created. 

I hope we conjunctively are able to fight this situation. The greatest medicine for this virus is not only getting isolated physically but isolating ourselves from any other possibilities we think could occur rather than being able to grapple our way past the circumstances. We should not be constrained by what is and work for what ought to be. As a matter of fact not overindulging in the situation and just choosing the boulevard of compassion, love, healing, liberty, and gratitude could help us get through. Balanced and protein-containing diets, moderate exercises, and a positive mindset is a bonus. Stay safe and blessed.