COVID-19: A threat to humanity


I miss my Friends

I miss Going To School

I miss Studying In Class

I miss Hanging Out At The School's Canteen With My Friends

I miss Attending School Events

I miss Staying Back Late After School Hours In School

I miss Socializing 

I miss Dining Outside

I miss Going To The Mall

I miss Tasting Local Food 

But mainly, I just miss going outside and I believe you do too. 

In this crucial time, let's put our differences aside and fight this deadly coronavirus together. Due to lockdowns in most countries, people who run their own businesses are facing income drops, big families in rural areas that depend on daily income will not be able to support the whole family in a long period of time. Students who are taking their big exams this year will be affected.

Let's think of the children, they are the important ones because they will run our world in the future and we need to protect them from this pandemic.

We cannot allow the COVID-19 to serve as a vehicle for racism and discrimination since we have seen episodes of discrimination against people, especially from China and other Asian countries. This can have an impact on children's rights and most importantly on their mental health.

So to my readers, please obey whatever action that is conducted by your government and do spread awareness.

Stop panic buying, stop taking advantage of this desperate time (selling overpriced food), stop spreading fake news that can lead panic and anxiety, obey movement control orders, stay indoors, practice good hygiene, avoid having contact with others and go out only when necessary. 

Let's stop pointing fingers and play our part so that we can break the chain of infection because we're all in this together. It's time for change and change is what we are going to bring as ONE RACE and ONE CIVILIZATION.

Spread positivity, not negativity. Stay at home and stay safe. 

Want to take action against misinformation and stigma? Check this guide to learn how.