COVID-19; A Threat to Our Future Generations?

Cornavirus. Another reason for stress over the already burdened teens?
Is there anything available except stress? The stress of the many worries around a student can be overwhelming beyond imagination.

If you are a high school student, you know that every and any information spreads like wildfire. From gossips to the expected grades, chances are that every student is aware of them. Then it was of no surprise that the rumors of school closing because of COVID-19 were also being talked about in every class. At first, the teachers would try to end the discussion itself by holding up their hands or rolling their eyes. However, when the coronavirus became a common theme of discussion, there was a hint of panic in everyone's voice. 

Almost every school in the nearby districts were closing, and I was still trying to keep up with my assignments. However, what started as an average school day turned to a half-day followed by what we now commonly regard as "quarantine". That's it. That is how my school closed.

On a Friday that was a half-day, Monday was announced as a snow day, and now I am here writing this blog. Nobody knew what would happen next. There were no plans for remote learning, as the numbers of cases in our county skyrocketed in only a week. The confused students had no idea what was going on. Emails were sent back and forth by the teachers telling us to "remain calm". Talk about irony. With the news full of nothing but the rising death toll, bodies being burned for a lack of space, families not being able to see their dead son/daughter due to a fear of transmission, and we are expected to remain calm? 

The school closed in the middle of the marking period. Nobody knew how grading was supposed to work. Parents and children needed to come up with new routines and were still expected to stay at the top of their work. From a student who stayed at school for more than 8 hours, many including me were now confined to their house's four walls. There was no motivation to do school work, and there would be distractions all around us. You know how gullible your average teen is.  The first few weeks were full of calls from friends. However, these gradually stopped. There was nothing to talk about, but only rants. Laziness was at its peak and so were mood swings. Questions were being thrown out. What about the SAT? What about the ACT? What about prom? What about college classes? What about my AP exam? "I THOUGHT THIS YEAR WAS SUPPOSED TO BE FUN!" Petitions were going on and still are to cancel grading, but who listens to a bunch of teens with their future at stake? 

What do the remaining months hold for us? The stress of school and our lives? Is there a way we can ever get out of this labyrinth stronger than ever because we would argue otherwise. Our only way out is to walk together in this time of uncertainty even if it seems like an impossible task at the time. 

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