COVID19: Reality Check for The SDGs

Corona Virus Invading The Earth


Corona Virus took the world by surprise. Like a trained secret service agent, this virus infiltrated our ranks and has now single-handedly killed hundreds of thousands of our kind, with millions more still within it's grip.

However, is there a bright side to this crisis? Definitely!

A data breach in a secure network offers a reality check of the company's state of security. Today, Corona Virus is offering us something similar - or better.

As bad as it has been, it's not all doom and gloom.

Looking on the bright side, one advantage the COVID-19 pandemic has offered the world is a comprehensive status report on our progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals 2030.

As education, health and employment sectors crumble under the weight of the pandemic, it has become evident that, while we indeed had plans and strategies for achieving the SDGs, we had no clear guarantees. 

Perhaps, the better part of our plans and strategies were hinged on one fragile pillar - 'hope', that all goes according to plan. 


Alas, we had no contingency plan. This allowed COVID to permeate our porous borders, menacingly extending its sphere of dominion and effectively bringing our world to its knees.

The world suffers today, not just because of COVID, but because we failed to plan fully. 

Hopefully we can learn from this and put the right mechanisms in place. More like having a Plan A, Plan B, all the way up to Plan Z.

And I dare say, that if COVID-19 hadn't occured, something else would have happened to expose our frailty.

Thanks to COVID, for a much-needed reality check.

Now the real work begins.