Creativity; Take 2.0

Purna Parmar
When we deconstruct the general perceived take on creativity, we can construct our very own personalised and creative takes on what creativity is to us. We no longer limit the concept, we stretch it's scope to fit into the boundaries our imagination, boundaries which are limitless.

Among the sundry words in the English language that have been more often than not misinterpreted, I believe the most misunderstood is ‘Creativity’. No more than a whiff of this word and our mind associates it with handicraft, painting, drawing, sculpture or any activity encompassing the creation of things. Perhaps, it is for the word instantaneously acquaintances our minds with the word ‘create’. Indeed, creativity includes the creation of things, but surely, it isn’t merely creating. There’s much more to it. Deeming creativity as simply the art of creating things will limit the term, narrowing it down to a very small space, subsequently stealing the beauty of the word. An alternative example of the stereotypical attitude apropos of creativity comes in when some surmise creativity to be an inborn ability, a privilege of a selected elite group. It is more often than not erroneously misunderstood of being pertinent with extravagance. It’s said, to be truly creative one must be somebody special, and someone who does a lot of spending, worth a fortune. But, are all these notions anywhere near accurate? Far from it. This leads inevitably to a third conclusion – creativity cannot be taught, either you have it or you don’t. If you don’t, then it’s your bad luck and you- willingly or unwillingly- have to resign yourself to a mundane existence of mediocrity. Where one does not live, but merely exists. But again, are all these notions veracious? Far from it.

The truth is that creativity is a skill, a skill like the skill of observation; the skill of memory or even the skill of imagination. It is a process, a thinking process; it is an attitude, a dissimilar way of beholding things. As William Blake put it, to be creative is- "To see the world in a grain of sand, heaven in a wild flower; To hold infinity in the palmtop of your hand, eternity in an hour!” As per me, Creative= Create +Perspective. If one possesses the knack to forge and conceive something new with an atypical perspective, then that person can be called creative. Being creative is breaking away of the stereotypes. It is creating a view of your own. A view, that is unique and which in turn makes you unique. If you do so, you are creative. It is to see the moon as a slice of cheese and a slice of cheese as a yellow mountain; to see a butterfly as a ray of hope and a ray of hope as a dawn. The dawn as a new beginning; the new beginning as an opportunity. An opportunity, to make a difference, to stand-out and leave a mark in this world. To be creative is to be a part of an endless series of thoughts, it is connecting to the unconnected. It is discovering your uniqueness and celebrating it. Many survive but to thrive, you need to be creative. It is not merely a way; it is a way of life.