The Cure

Nature (Clouds and a tree)

The Cure

-Kaanthal Manikandan (a poem from my book, ‘The See-Saw Souls)


A warrior sent by the true ruler

To quieten the battle cries of the self-proclaimed ones

Taking control and taking lives

Stabbing Earth with shovels and knives.


We’ve angered someone with unimaginable power

By forgetting that we are just another petal in the flower

Now we wither away...


Standing on the verge of falling down

Humanity might just go into oblivion.

Everything we’ve done, said and faced

Our history and survival on the verge of being erased.


And so we pray and surrender 

We take back our lies

And lower our knives

Only to protect our own lives.


We give back the land and the sky

We stopped the fumes

We stayed in our homes

If not to cancel, then postpone our doom.


All the creatures we killed

The oil tanks we filled

The forests destroyed and tilled

Can’t help us now

And so we bow

And pray and beg

Crying as Nature pulls our leg 

Displaying only a portion of what she can do

Laughing as she reclaims what’s hers...

Corona has lifted the curse.


Freeing the animals crying and dying in pain

And the stars whose shine we wiped away 

The world heals as we watch through the window pane.

Our never-ending search for money and fame 

Our wild and reckless behavior is what Corona is here to tame.


We are the virus

In the body of Earth

Just a hurting wound

She’s trying to clear

For she let us be born

We let her be torn!

So now we pray and surrender

Apologizing for humanity’s biggest blunder.


 I hope that we learn

That stealing from our own home 

Only paves the way to mankind’s tomb 

And If we forget and continue to stab, dig and pry

Then it will be about time

We humans kiss Earth goodbye...