Dear 2020

Large numbers reading 2020, with the graphics: a mask, BLM, the Earth, and Vote! surrounding it.

Dear 2020,

Oh what a year you’ve been!

Throughout your very long year I often found myself questioning: Why? Why did a deadly virus have to take over our world? Why were so many people suffering? Why was I stuck inside my house for what felt like eternity? And, I got to give it to you 2020, I didn’t have answers to these questions for months. But, as you started to crumble from all the great minds that came together and found a way to make things work in your year of uncertainty and suffering, I started to grow. I started to see that relationships could develop and continue to blossom through a screen, I realized I could still learn and expand my knowledge through technology, and most importantly I found my voice.

In the midst of the sea of the unjustified pain you caused, I didn’t quieten. I roared louder than before. I stood up for what I thought was right, and created a platform to share my ideas and to show others that even though I may not be as old as you, I am mightier, stronger, and braver. 

So, 2020, I want to thank you. Thank you for making this year so painful and uncomfortable that it forced me and many others to pop the bubble we lived in. You helped me venture outside of my comfort zone and help me grow so much as a person.

And while I know our time together is up, I have no doubt that the pain and suffering won’t just disappear. 2021 may also lead the world to other unpleasant quests, but this time I am prepared because I have one power you don’t have: my voice. 



United States of America