Dear Me,

Personal Growth

From self-reflecting to self-respecting...Being young and having to grow up mentally, physically, and emotionally all by yourself takes a toll on many aspects of life. Why can’t I play like those other kids? Why can’t I take a break on reality and imagine a land where everything is nice? It brings many wounded memories and many lost dreams. Many covered scars, pushed in the back of my own head for security...


I shouldn’t be scared, I shouldn’t feel the need to protect myself with a wall built up. I shouldn’t have to be so misguided, and lost...but it’s only because I’m young and the world operates differently right? What’s so wrong with understanding the world fully? You fall and you get back up right? That’s the universal meaning behind everything...


You grow...and you continue to grow. I grew and I’m continuing to grow. The hardships, insecurities, mentally feeling lost, physically feeling weak, emotionally feeling drowsed. Self-hating nourishing into my self-love, from head to toe smiling about who I’ve came to be...It takes a lot but you eventually grow and see your worth. It’s an issue with process, you learn, you fail, you’s all normal. You’re not alone and everything you aspire to be, you’ll be it and more!

United States of America