Dear Mister Presidents

My meeting with French Polynesia President Mr Edouard Fritch


My name is Noemie also know as Noemie Tahiti. I am a young emerging artist (13 y.o) from French Polynesia located in the middle of Pacific ocean. I participated at the show The Voice Kids 2020 in France. Beside singing, playing the ukulele and going to school, I always felt very concerned about environment and the fact that very shortly climate change will have desastrous consequences for all of us.

A couple months ago I asked my parents to work together on a song to urge world leaders to step up their climate actions and commitments. It is the 5th anniversary of the 2015 Paris agreement, we still have a chance but it is now.

After a couple of month working on it, I'm very happy and proud to share with you my song, my open letter "Dear Mister Presidents"

Music is universal, powerful and I trully believe that sometimes it can make a difference. I dream that this song may travel all around the globe and guess what it's happening...

I had the chance to meet president Edouard Fritch of French Polynesia few days ago and we agreed that my song "Dear Mr Presidents" will be played and broadcast during International summits regarding climate. Pacific Island Forum an organization representing 18 countries and territories from the Pacific has relayed my video. Beside that  I'm currently working on a educational project for schools for march 2021 and in a few days I will join as ambassador Little Citizens for Climate an association which is member of clubs for UNESCO.

Help me save our planet, write a letter to your president ;)



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