Dear quarantined youth

Dear Quarantined Youth

Quarantined Emotional Youth:

Hey, just really wanted to check in on you, times are getting hard, especially for us, the sensible kind. We’ve grown in an incredibly overwhelming media situation, and it hits extra hard.

Sensibility tends to relate in a universal way with stability, we tend to act as guardians and protectors of the ones we love. We are strong for those who aren’t and put on our bravest face during the day and sit quietly at night.

I just wanted to remind you it really does get better, you and I both are reading this and remembering the times we were strong when all we wanted was a hug, sitting lonely with tears in our eyes listening to that song that gets to our incredibly deep heart, why don’t you give it a play while reading this?

As the good guys we sit around trying to fix the unsolved puzzles in everyone else’s hearts while slowly emptying ours into pieces, but the empathy and love we feel makes us think it really will be ok, and we are living proof it will. Let us stand a moment in reflection of how blessed we are, keeping the chin up and reminding ourselves how strong we have been in previous times, we are all together.

We love and fear much in this time of crisis. We’re the ones who reach out to say I love you just in case… you know?

But at the same time we’re hurting inside, hurting for the world and what happens around us. We get up and inside our rubric we don’t care much about the money, we visualize our future based on past happiness, those moments were our grin gave meaning to the “cheek to cheek” expression, a time were we were really happy.

And let me tell you, as sensible as we are, we plant our love seed everyday, even with a small smile. We take the job to spread love even more serious than our on work life, we protect and we care for those who are way too envolved in other stuff to even think about themselves, because we care.

I just wanted to take a moment of my time to thank everyone of you, our small little emotional family that acts as a maternal heart for the world. We really are the strong ones right now in a moment of crisis, world class, and believe me, I know it can get exhausting taking the world on your shoulders, but I wanted to remind you that you’re not alone right now, we the sentimentalists are together, and will always be.

We’ve survived, and are survivors, and no one can take that away from us and never will.

Thank you for being a heart in a world of muscle, I really appreciate it. You’re never alone and will never be.

United States of America