Deep Inside

Template for Deep Inside

Setting a new goal
When failed at the last one
Deep inside
He has grown-up a bit more.

From crying over small falls
He learnt to laugh at his own jokes
He hit the solid life
With his breathing soul

A few hurdles
Does not hurt him anymore
Deep inside
He has learnt a bit more.

A big smile
Hides his struggles of life
No showoffs
But a story of his life

A lost friend
And losing at big times
Deep inside
He threw all his pasts behind.

No more turning backs
No more excuses to hide
He works harder every single time.

He understands the lows and highs
He has carried a burden of his wrong tries

When he turned to look at the past
He smiled at his own self
Working over the desk
Deep inside
He knew it resulted well.

~ Kajal Singh

You get what you work for
Not what you wish for