The definition of Feminism

A somewhat aesthetic painting, of a woman's anatomy, in three different boxes.


The word itself has adopted a graphic image of marching angry women trying to over power men and take what's theirs. Well at least in most countries does this stand true. 

I think it's time to travel back to the Oxford language definition of feminism; "the advocacy of women's rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes." To say so, simply; we are just people, fighting to for equal power and taking what rightfully belongs to us, just as much as it belong to everyone else.

Speaking from a Sri Lankan standpoint, this starts from every minute detail. From forcing women into marriage, degrading men who cry, letting your brother have the bigger piece of chicken, the whole pink and blue notion, catcalling, everything... 

As subtle as it may be, these details are those waves that; go unnoticed as ripples, will drag us through, under the ocean's blanket until we're lost at sea, and it's a little too late. (Although I'd like to believe in the ideology of; 'never too late')

All I'm hoping, is that we don't loose momentum, that we build a breakwater. Till then kudos to everyone and anyone, for helping the world come this far.

Sri Lanka