Image of woman depicting a burning forest.

As the leaves caught the wind in the tree of the willow,

The bed of grass swayed, soft as a pillow,

I gazed out into the sky, gripping me in its safe hold,

As the darkening fabric became embroidered in beads of gold.


The peaceful scene was ripped apart before my eyes,

As a new species came to rise,

The humans tore everything I knew down,

Mother Nature was beginning to drown.


The built, they conquered,

The environment was tortured,

I couldn’t fight it,

Watching the trees being ignited.


We must unite,

It is nature’s right,

If we work together,

Nature can live on forever.


So make your posters, chant your songs,

We must raise awareness to right these wrongs,

To become one would solve it all,

Or else, Mother Nature will fall.