A drawing of a hand holding a fishing net inside an ocean full of sea life.

Green turtle, sea turtle, soaring through the water, shell glistening, flippers finding their way back home,

Blue whale, large whale, gentle giant, biggest of the sea, whistling to others, beckoning to thee,

Red eel, slimy eel, teeth protruding, emerging with it’s huge, gaping mouth waiting for its prey,

Yellow seahorse, pygmy seahorse, clinging to seaweed, camouflaging in the underwater shrubbery,

Pink starfish, bright starfish, as pretty as can be, using many suction cups to crawl across the sea,

Black oil, crude oil, covering, smothering, enveloping the ocean in a scary, dark blanket,

Gray net, ghost net, capturing, injuring, killing fish of all shapes and sizes,

Clear plastic, intrusive plastic, large pieces, small pieces, micro-pieces, taking over the ocean,

Big ocean, deep ocean, 

in need of our devotion, 

waters changing, 

colors fading, 

populations decreasing, 

corals bleaching, 

we depend on them for oxygen, 

there’s been too much death, 

if not now then tell me when, 

When we take our last breath?

Ryan Moralevitz is the founder of The Fishes Wishes and an ocean conservationist. He believes the ocean is a mesmerizing and beautiful place and has been working to protect it all the amazing animals that call it home for eight years.


Brady Moralevitz is nine-years-old and was inspired by a teacher to write poetry, and he loves it. He chooses to write about nature because it is adorable, each animal is unique, and he wants to raise awareness to protect animals and help give them a voice.