The Diary Of A Generation

/A girl wearing a homemade mask painted with thanking messages during COVID19 for healthworkesrs, police and more.
/ Sometimes, we can stand together even by not standing close enough!
"Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam"
The whole world is a family!

A homemade mask, design and conception by : Priyantara Bharti

Clicked by: Abhinandan Gopal

The Diary Of A Generation!

The generation I'm talking from will no longer whisper the prayers from Gods and their angels. We think there's more need to pray from our older generations, on which our prospects, probabilities and lives depend!

We may be at different homes,

We may belong to varied communities,different generations and breed,

And we may be thinking of two distinct worlds. We're experiencing right now that epidemics don't come with only diseases but also with hatred and discrimination.

Don't we know that everything which happens now, is not for it's ultimate goal of unfairness, inequity and prejudices but for love! So that we can reminiscise again, the fight 'not only for freedom'...before it, inevitably for togetherness.

We've two hands.

So, wash it because there're people with no hands.

We've a Home.

So, stay at home because there are people without a home.

We've a surplus of time to spend with our family.

And there're families with such a deficit of time that their loved ones are on duty at this time.

We've parents who're taking care of ours during this lockdown!

And there're parents who're taking care of others in hospitals.

So, we're privileged!


Sometimes, each one of us can stand together, even by not standing 'close'...

It's not just the individual mask which ensures our safety, but also the doctors, policemen & women, CSOs, healthworkers and citizens of this world.

It's not just we who are stuck! Three things can determine whether we'll die or survive...our health, our wages and our breed!


We wished for holidays, even long holidays but not such long which cannot be shortened! We needed a rest, but if the rest is eternal...we need a beginning!

It doesn't matter where do I come from?

If I light up a candle and pray from God,it means I pray for my nation, it's citizen.

I pray for Italy, Spain, UK, America and all those known and unknown people...

Our Earth...

Our World!

Our prayers cannot be selfish!

"Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam!"

The whole world is a family!

Humanity needs to be preserved!

We request your generation to stay at home, follow the rules, support each other, and to survive! Survive with all your might so that we can survive too!

And never forget, that the earth was soon going to hit 10 billion, the globe was getting warmer, our atmosphere was intoxicated, our oceans were dumped garbages with endangered water lives and by not forgetting it all...

Breathe the fresh air around you!

Feel the nature which has nurtured us!

A lullaby embellished with sweet voices of a mother still echoes in our nights...


"Our eyes are two, but O dear!

Stars in the sky are infinite... 

Father! Together you lead us...

From darkness to the light!"


If we survive, we'll survive together!

If we die, we'll die equally for ever!

If we're lost from the sight, we'll sing with all our might!

O Father! Together you lead us from darkness to the light!"


- Priyantara Bharti