A diet filled with life

Three brown and white calves

The horrors that can go on behind the closed doors of the meat and dairy industry are unimaginable. We don't seem to notice how our actions as meat eaters affect our community, our environment, and the lives of millions of animals.“In the U.S., more than 29 million cows suffer and die in the meat and dairy industries every year"(PETA). It may be easier to ignore the effects of such industries rather than address the issue. But we, the most intelligent species, have a duty to advocate for those who cannot speak.

We promote human rights and equality, yet we neglect the rights of every living being to a life free of cruelty. We are blinded by our desire for delicious food and forget how harmful we are being. Not only do we affect the lives of other organisms but we also destroy our environment in the process. The amount of methane released by each cow is a major factor in climate change (Borunda). Pigs, cows, and chickens produce large amounts of fecal matter that is being released into nearby rivers, affecting the health of neighboring communities (Penakalapati et al). If we are able to realize what the harmful effects of the meat and dairy industry can be, then it is our responsibility to stop it. 

It is often misconceptualized that we need milk and meat to survive and be healthy, according to PETA. In reality, we can get the same nutrients from plants. Our bodies do not require the high amounts of cholesterol that dairy products contain. Meat and dairy products significantly increase the risk of cancer, diabetes, heart disease, etc (Collier). The Physicians Committee recommends that this can be avoided simply through a vegan diet. 

By going vegan we can stop the crime of slaughtering other animals just for our taste buds' temporary satisfaction. We will also be ensuring that our planet becomes a cleaner, greener place to live on. As well as the added benefit of becoming healthier people. 

We grow food to feed animals then kill animals to feed ourselves food that kills us.
United States of America