The Distance Between Dreams And Reality is ACTION

The distance between dreams and reality is ACTION

Success comes from the little seeds we plant every day despite the challenges we face, and no idea will work unless we do the work. We have only one life and we shouldn’t waste it!! The road to success is through commitment, and commitment happens when we take a real ACTIONS.

Taking massive action in our lives is the only way that we are going to achieve our goals, dreams, and desires. Wake up every day with the mantra “TAKE ACTION” and watch the results unfold in your life.

Your life would be better if you took the action you’ve been avoiding for ages. You should have the courage to stand against your fears and take next step.

After about four years of working to improve myself and my knowledge with many people who have different experiences and backgrounds, I discovered that we have a problem. That problem is that we think more than we take actions. It isn't wrong to think and plan before you do anything, but I am talking about overthinking and over planning - where we feel that we are starting to waste our time and energy.

Today in this post I want to tell you about how it is important to take action in our lives. Taking action is the only way to learn, at least for me, because I believe that what changes our whole lives is ACTION.

For sure, having the courage to take actions isn’t enough to succeed - while we are taking actions we should take care of many things.

Here, there are five tips I want to share it with you:

1- Actions are not enough

There are many things you should take into consideration and I use the letters of the word action to tell you about these things so it might be easier for you to memorize it.

A -Attitude: Don't take yourselves too seriously but you must take things seriously. Being positive and persistent are very important elements.

C -Commitment: We should not only be committed to our goals and plans but also committed to our tasks and people who we are working with.

T -Timing: No matter how good you are at something and if you have the required knowledge to take the action, you have to choose the perfect time to take the action and you will learn from your own experience.

I - Impact: If you have a plan to make a positive impact through every single action you take, you will be motivated to take more serious steps because your actions start to have special meaning for you. So always ask yourself, what is the difference that you hope to make? What is the reason for your action?

O -Opportunities: Opportunity won’t come by itself, you have to create it.

N -Never give up: Quitting is not an option! Keep trying for many times and challenge yourself.

2- Set goals

Set goals that will bring out the best of you; striving for your goals shows determination and tenacity.
Don’t be afraid of big goals, remember that the only limits that exist are the ones you set on yourself and when life throws you down, make sure you land on your back so you can still see the stars and get up.

3 - Reconnect yourself with the present moment

This will help you snap out of overthinking and just go and do whatever you want to get done.
This is probably the best tip I have found so far for taking more action since it puts you in a state where you feel little emotional resistance to the work you do. And it puts you in a state where the right actions often just seem to flow out of you in a focused but relaxed way and without much effort.

I heard that one of the simplest ways to connect with the present moment is just to keep your focus on you breathing for a minute or two.

4 - Ask for help

If you have a hard time getting going with something get some support. Do it with a friend to motivate you. Motivating each other and bringing enthusiasm when one of you is feeling low can really help to develop consistency and useful habits.

5. Start small

To get from a state where you just feel like sitting on your chair and doing nothing, to one where you take action over and over, you can do this: start small. Getting started with your biggest task or most difficult action may seem too much and land you in Procrastination Land. So instead, start with something that doesn’t seem so hard.

Now, I come to the end of my post, I really hope what I have shared has helped you. Be sure to share this information with your network and always remember: It’s time! Take the next step!

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