The diverging path

Many paths

With a single perception of reality, struggle has inset. The misconception of one existing reality has confined the human mind. Expectations of a path one must follow in order to be “successful”, where such success is defined by money or renown, a narrow-minded idea of untrue credentials one must accomplish in order to achieve happiness. Upon achieving such “success” one feels empty, forever longing for more, as human desires are insatiable. In order to increase satisfaction among the unsatisfiable we must break through the boundless restrictions in which society has trapped us. The path of expectations is dark and chaotic, so we must find a new one.

While we all crave success, such a thing has no single definition. One may gain such a thing through art while one achieves the same through science, or simply through spending time with friends, possibly one through all three. We are lucky to have been given such a gift as to define our own success, if only this gift could be recognized.

We all start at the beginning, an empty mind, an empty soul, and a future so large. Here, we are at the beginning of our path. We have not yet made decisions, took opportunities, missed opportunities, or done all three. Life’s simple. Then some walk, some run, the rest may even leap or jump. Not one shall be superior to the others, for they all are moving forward.

In the first stages, we are all together, but despite popular belief this does not last long. Our path splits, some play sports, while some dance, and others sing. Not one surpassing the rest, we all have hobbies. Although not all on the same path, we each are on a long journey to our success.

At this point, our paths once again split and continue to do so until they have diverged completely and we each travel on our own path, still linked by our beginnings. When we collide with each other, we learn and better the future of our individual journey's. Whether we simply meet or tragically crash into one another, we learn, we progress and most importantly we carry on. Although the ways in which we do so differ, we all once again move forward.

Eventually we all will stop once we reach the end of our paths, our success. No more collisions, no more tragic crashes, we are happy, just as we have desired for ages. Everyone was successful in the end, each in their own ways. The gracefulness that the diverging path ultimately results in allows for such a thing.

Imagine the constant crashes and tragedy present when all people are stuck on a slow moving, dark, singular path. Sounds traumatic, right? Success is extremely minimal on this path because there is not room for everyone to carry onwards. That is the path of expectations, the path society has been forcefully dragging us down, but we must use all our strength to restrict society from continuing to do such a thing, only then we will arrive at the diverging path. There we will all get our success, a well deserved ending. The diverging path, a path so magical that the insatiable have finally been satisfied.

We are all alike, for we are human, we all differ for our journeys differ. The diverging path results in an open-minded and suitably better society. Good exceeds bad at all points in time. The human race will no longer suffer, drowning in an unrestful ocean, but rather swim calmly among the surface of simplicity and success, whatever such a thing may mean to you. I can promise that on this path, you win, you are successful, so are your friends, siblings, and parents. Search for those you love, search for yourself, no matter how loud society may be screaming not to because the diverging path exists, in all its magnificence and it is up to us to find it.

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