Does Antisemitism really need more attention than Islamophobia?

A man praying into a mosque.

Human Rights supporters know that every right is equal to another in importance, otherwise we will have a discrimination and discrimination is what we have to fight against. In the fight against them, we have such important roles: without us, any kind of organization would be just a group with ideas but no tools.

We are the tools, we are the actors, we are the people who can change the world in better or worse.

When supporting a cause one of the most important things to do is to assure that by doing this we are not violating another human’s right.

It is hard to discuss about rights and not slowly falling into assumptions that could hurt someone else’s ideology. As far as we could be from another person’s ideology, as reported by the article 18 of the UN Declaration of Human Rights "everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion”, so as much as we want others to respect our beliefs, we should respect theirs too: tolerance and dialogue are the keys to a successful collaboration between people and countries with different ideologies and beliefs.

This premise is fundamental to make it clear that if I support human rights, I support the rights of everyone without distinction of any kind, which means I can be both against Antisemitism and Islamophobia without considering one more important than another.

It is important to recognize when there is a discrimination and at the same time not to fall into generalizations, looking at an event with an objective point of view.

My objective point of view realized during the past years that there is more attention paid by the media to the spread of Antisemitism than to the spread of Islamophobia. The reasons why this could have happened are many, but the main ones are that we got to hear about Islam only after the recent terrorist attacks around Europe, and mainly because of negative things, while we have a stronger memory of discrimination against Jews, especially since the atrocities committed before and during World War II.

Between the two of them there is huge lack of information and knowledge, because Muslim people experience atrocities which cannot be considered less important or relevant than the others. In fact, if we would search and get some knowledge about what happens in the world nowadays we would be shocked by the amount of intolerant, dangerous and outrageous acts going on against this community.

Antisemitism and Islamophobia should be considered on the same level, as they are both very dangerous ideologies.

The road to the fight of antisemitism is still long, that is why we need to work on it in order to assure that there are no more discrimination and that the past doesn’t repeat. Yet, I was glad to realize that the media are talking a lot about this issue and that there is an active will of the people to fight this senseless ideology.

 Antisemitism and Islamophobia are both signs of ridiculous prejudices, hostilities, discrimination and racism.

What I was not glad to realize is that the same importance is not given to Islamophobia, only because of the recent negative events and most importantly, because the widespread idea is that they seem “not to have experienced as much suffering as the Jewish community”.

In fact, in an article I recently read on The Spectator it is said that Antisemitism and Islamophobia cannot be considered equivalent, mostly because we cannot compare “some mean things said on social media” about Muslims “from the organized murder of six million Jews”. Articles like these, all the prejudices and especially the lack of information about Muslims and about international news create a huge misconception about the importance of defending Islamophobia.

What slides from the people’s attention nowadays is the amount of sufferings the Muslim communities are going through in the recent years from "re-education camps" to occupation, from killings to bombings, from prohibition to detentions and arrests. Indeed, if you read through the articles in the internet you can certainly feel like you already heard all these passages and terms not long ago. Every human has the right to freedom of religion and thought and it is unacceptable that Islam, as one of the most spread religions in the world, could be considered as a “mental illness” in 2019!

Arrests, detentions, killings and destruction of entire buildings where Muslim community members live in parts of the world, with no respect of Human Rights laws or people and with the whole passing by the knowledge of people -since media do not really talk about it. Whatever the problem with a religion different than ours might be, violence is certainly not the answer.

After all, people should live together in brotherhood in spite of their religion and beliefs, knowing that they are all sons of the same father: God - a father you can call using every language you want, but who is still the same for us all. In this world, there is enough space for everyone.

The scenarios we are experiencing today are constituting the wounds of the Muslim community, the scenarios we could experience tomorrow are only those of the "I could have contributed against this, but I did not and now it is too late". 

Everyone should be acquainted and aware of the amount of danger these situations represent and immediately go and get knowledge about whatever is happening into the world nowadays, because if it is true that we are endowed with reason and conscience, it is also true that just remembering the past would be enough to recognize when a situation can represent the trigger for something atrocious and immutable.

There will be no way back when events like these silently pass by the media and the people’s attention. Antisemitism and Islamophobia are both signs of ridiculous prejudices, hostilities, discrimination and racism.

There is no discrimination in this world more important than another, no levels of suffering, no human rights worth more than others.

There is no discrimination deserving more or less attention:

every discrimination, every form of violence or hatred is a threat for all human kind.