Does Revenge Benefit Us?

No one ever told me that growing up would be easy, but I didn't expect it to be hard. A lot of people will hurt us, what should we do?

No one ever told me that growing up would be easy, but I never expected it to be hard. During the ages of 12-18, it would be really hard, right? It's not just about hanging out with friends, shopping for new clothes, getting excited for the first day of school, sleepover at your best friends house, or maybe going on a date with your partner.

But everything won't be as good as we thought. There will be some days where we're gonna cry so hard and feeling down all day. Why are my family not as happy as theirs? Why are my friends talking behind my back? Why is my partner cheating on me? Why do I feel like no one wants me? That's what every teenager thinks about.

Some of us have gone through a lot of things in the past. Those things may cause us trauma and a terrible experience that will never be forgotten. Parents might get a divorce, friends might leave you alone, partners might find someone better than you. It hurts, right? And you can't do anything about it but forgive them.

Getting so upset and doing some revenge won't cure your traumas. But it will make everything worse. What you need to do is find someone that you can really trust, it could be your parents, best friend, partner, or maybe a therapist. I can understand that it hurts so much, but please forgive them. Trust me, it's gonna take time but it will make you feel better. 


To all the readers who are struggling with a trauma,

You are not alone, and one day everything will me okay. I promise.