Don't dream, do

The hot-air balloon is ready to take off into the big bad world

As naïve children, don’t we all dream of endless possibilities and somehow know that we will leave an everlasting mark on this world? Just a few yesteryears ago we envisioned ourselves to become an astronaut or a policeman or a sports person or maybe even the president of our country, any person who can make the world a better place. Yet, today, these dreams are only a trivial and insignificant part of our existence, that is soon to be forgotten forever.

Sometimes the worst thing that can happen to a child is to grow up.

As children we blow this huge hot air balloon filled with happiness, ambition, desire, and hope ready to soar into the world yet when we become teenagers, we poke holes into our own balloons. The biggest hole, which propels the others, is the one caused by knowledge. The knowledge that we are but a tiny speck in this humongous universe and could end up making no difference at all.The knowledge that millions before us have failed to do what we want to. Fear, jealousy, and pride are but few reciprocals of these holes. Fear, jealousy, and pride are but few reciprocals of this aperture. The very knowledge that is supposed to catalyze our dreams has the equal capabilities of destroying them. These holes push out the hope from our dreams making them incapable of taking off.

What would be the world’s condition if all dreams remained as one?

The biggest enemy of human beings, who prevents them from doing their best, is themselves.

We fear that our balloon will not take off, blind to the fact that we are the ones holding it back. Maybe if we dream smaller and just go with the flow, we won’t be victims to disappointment and failure. But if we dream small won't we fall victim to something worse, like jealousy and dissatisfaction? Won’t we be deprived of our happiness?

This self-doubt we possess can never be put on a leash until we try. Don't decrease the goal, increase the effort.

These doubts that linger in our minds can be patched with hard work and with knowledge itself. The knowledge that only a handful have done it before you because the universe has paved a path for you to accomplish it. The knowledge that you can make a significant change in this world with sheer determination, intellect, and the required drive.

We are the future. Why must it be small?

Why use the knowledge that we possess only for ourselves and leave the entire world waiting when we can leave them awestruck?

It isn’t going to be easy, it never has been, and it never will be. The larger dreams give a longer and much harder chase, with more downs than ups, but the greater your storm the brighter your rainbow.