Don't forget about yourself

Heart formed by hands

You are kind towards others around you. People around you say, "Oh, she is a kind one. "
But towards you, you are unkind. 
You push your own needs to please others, because if you put yourself first, people will say you 'selfish'. 
You love others so much, but you hate yourself because you are imperfect. 
You disagree to do something, but you are too afraid to say 'No'. 
You have something to say, but you don’t open your mouth because you think, "People will take it badly."

What's the point of all these?
People may have a pretty image of you, but what about you?
You do good things for other people, but you forget about yourself, who is always with you?

Of course you should be kind, you must help others, love them and stand by them. You must have room for others. 
But think about yourself too.
Do those things for you which you expect from others, and you do for others. 
Acknowledge yourself and your needs.
You are the one who need yourself the most.

Be good to you