Don't Give Up

A hand holding a fireworks seen rising out of an ocean

Many at times, we are distressed and weary of life's challenges.

We want to back down from the game of life and become a spectator.

Indeed being a spectator is so easy but it is injurious to our vision because we all have a purpose in life.

Each of us has an inherent ability and the world needs us to develop that ability.

This is a poem of striving

Beneath life gaze,

I dropped my cap

And tilled in the sun 

Until sunset.

My hands calloused 

My heart pounding 

For fear of what my end will be.

Sweats as thick as blood, 

I can't take it anymore

I screamed aloud

And I crumbled beneath 

The weight of my load.

Falling to rise no more

Alas, I knew within me

I couldn't stay down


When the chariots of regrets

Start charging forward

I will vanish

Like a leaf

In the midst of a cyclone.

Never Give up I charged

Keep Pushing

You will get there.

Rejections will surely come but keep on advancing and you will discover that at the end of the tunnel lies happiness.