Don't let your hope die

I lit up sign that says "HOPE" in the middle of the woods.

Into this world I came,

my parent gave me a name

I grew up to seek for fame

but it brought me no gain.

Living a life of lies,

Led me to drugs

I ended up holding guns

For I became a thug

Existing became my bane

I sought for change,

But it placed my head on floating questions

Like a sad puppy when it cries,

Tears roll down my eyes

Should I end it? I asked

For life is a prison,

Please hang on,

It responded vaguely

Giving me the tiniest piece of hope,

Same I hold on to,

Hoping it'd someday grow,

And purify my soul.


Don't let your hope die. Stay focused on achieving  your goals. Take one step at a time till you can walk perfectly.