A dream across the border line

Boy trapped behind border

Only five steps towards the border line and now only two are left to look through the barbed wires. His name is "Kid", he is only 10 years old, he is young but old enough to realize that the sky above his head is divided into two; where he stands is emptiness and there across the line is Home.

Now they stopped calling him "Kid", since the day they crossed that line he became "Refugee". It's been two years now, he was only eight when he left his home. At first he couldn't understand why all of a sudden the sky started raining fire and why instead of the flying white birds there are those black scary monsters. He wondered, in his grandmother's tales the monsters weren't flying. That night, it was so quiet, but then with the first hours of dawn everything started. He thought it was shooting stars, he even made a wish but then he found out that it was bombs that lighted up the sky and burned the life of more than thousand people into ashes.

Instead of holding a pen and a book, they forced him to hold a gun. Instead of going to school, he woke up in the morning to head right to the war zone and instead of facing a blackboard and a teacher, he was facing death.

Now he lives in a tent with his family, well, with what remained of his family. He watched his dad dying and he tried to save his sister to find out later that his uncle, grandfather and his own brother are all dead. Back then he cried so hard but he stopped doing that.

He took one last glance at the other part, there is nothing left there; no home, no friends and no schools but still he feels that he left everything he dreamed about and he will go back there one day. He is only 10 years old but it feels like he's lived hundreds, he is young, but wise. He looks weak but he is stronger. He used to count the stars in the sky up to ten, but now he is counting the flying fighters above his head down to one, so he can call out for peace.


I am tired of asking politicians around the world to stop calling for wars.

I am tired of trying to convince people to stop their governments form disturbing "Peace".

But I am not tired to fight to save those children and to fulfill the dream of "Peace one day".

All my respect for all the survivors around the world who proved that one day we will all walk free and that one day the justice will be reserved.

Standing for #Stop_Violence and #Peace_One_Day