Dream captures his last breath

Dream captures his last breath

I approached him after an hour of sitting without revealing a word. His features told me a lot, he is not good. I went up to him and asked, "Are you okay?" Oh thank God I asked. He was a bomb that only needed a little pressure to explode, but with our conversation, I relaxed him a bit. He told me a story that made me apprehensive and angry, but he told me that he still had some time to turn it into a success story.

My conversation with this young man lasted for more than two hours. I felt when he spoke every letter he uttered took from his soul a little because of his pain and his sorrow for what happened to him, like someone stole his happiness. His story made me believe that the world is very bad, ruthless.

His story began with a small curiosity until it turned into a big dream almost to be killed! His story started from his childhood like other children in their love of online games. He spent his spare time playing on his father's computer, but was curious and asking how these games worked? How do characters move? Or even, how does a computer work? How do screens appear? A lot of questions. He decided to start looking for this information. With frequent and lengthy research, he found that this technology had a very large and huge world, but he loved it and wanted to navigate it, so he began by learning programming languages ​​and taking courses on computing and mathematics.

The more he talked, the more I became impressed by what this young man, who was not yet 19-years-old, had done. I am glad that there are people in Gaza who still dream and seek to achieve their dreams despite the suffocating siege and the bad situation in which they live. What excited me more was that this young man said he witnessed the three wars that took place in Gaza at a young age, but these wars could not destroy his hopes and dreams or even change his ideas!

A few years ago, this young man was able to enroll in a program that would help him achieve his great dream which is pursuing a bachelor's degree at an American university. This program developed his English language and developed his personal, social and leadership skills, and last year helped him apply to some American universities. 

In every word he spoke, I felt the effort and exhaustion it took for him to reach the moment when he screamed from his heart that he did it, that he had achieved what he wanted, that he had reached what he wanted.

I swear that he made me so happy when he told me that after all he had done, and after applying for university, he received five letters of acceptance from five American universities, including the university he aspires to join. Five American universities opened their doors and tell him to come and do what you dream! He did it! He got the key to his dream door! I really loved this young man.

But I was surprised and asked him: Since you got the admission of last year, what are you doing here in Gaza?! And then his response made me sad a lot.

He told me that he could not pay the university fees. What added to my sadness was that the universities withdrew the admissions from him, because he did not pay the deposit. He reassured me that he sent an email to the university he wants asking them to postpone his enrollment for the current year. The university responded with approval, but he still can not pay university fees and in less than two months from now, if he does not pay the deposit, everything will end.

Now I know why he was so sad when I approached him. The financial obstacle will destroy all what this young man has built over the past years. It will finish everything he did without achieving his dream, which he used all his time to work for.

I am really sorry for what happened and is happening to this young man and give him my great spologies on behalf of all parties that he asked for financial help and did not care.

This great young man called Hady.

State of Palestine