Dreamer girl

I am a dreamer
I am a dreamer

I have no idea what my dream life would look like. I don’t remember giving much thought to it. I am not sure if it is out of lack of ambition as I’ve been told in the past, which I must admit kind of stings. I am not sure if I haven’t thought about it out fear of not achieving it or not even tasting it. Or maybe I am afraid of the work it will entail and maybe I am not strong enough to make it happen for myself.

I think when your dreams have been tampered with so much, it stops you from dreaming new things’

An unfortunate thing. I used to be the dreamer girl, I didn’t have a whole life dreamt up, but I had some dreams. USED to, is the unfortunate thing here.

I dreamt of being an author
I dreamt of being a lawyer
I dreamt of starting a family
I dreamt of finding my guy, with ease
I dreamt of a country home abroad
I dreamt of a suburban home in my home country Djibouti
I dreamt of traveling to talk about my books

I dreamt of happy, pure and easy joy
I dreamt of the light at the end of the tunnel. I just knew the hardships and sufferings will by all means come to an end.

I think when your dreams have been tampered with so much, it stops you from dreaming new things. Actually, where is the rest? How do you dream without rest? How do you dream when there is always striving?

I want to be that dreamer girl again. I want her back so terribly. I secretly crave the naivety, the blissful ignorance, the “your head is in the clouds” comments.

I don’t know where and how my reality could invite the dreamer girl to be part of this journey. But how beautiful it would be.

tell me, what are some of your dreams?

Ilwad is a Child Parliamentarian who has been promoting the rights of children in Djibouti by representing their interests and bringing their voice to senior decision makers. She has been part of various Arab league initiatives that seek to create safe spaces for children to engage and share ideas. She is a poet by disposition.