Dreams in war

Muzhda a person

My beautiful country is burning and bleeding my people are dying and being murdered. I am right out here in a corner crying and hoping. But helpless to do something about all. Among all the voices I hear how my dreams are shouting to not Lose them aside. But what can I do? I tried to fly but each time I tried I saw falling. 

Just a week ago I was planning for my sixteen's birthday (25th August) before that I was planning to publish my book, dreaming about my book which I was working on it for a month, I was dreaming about living in my dreams, talking about the book on TV, and school.

You know why I started writing my book as a 15 years old girl in here among all the fears? Because I wanted to inspire others to work on their dreams, to not lose their hope, to not give up I wrote about children and their rights, but what happened? Right now I need hope, I need inspiration, my book is on my computer & my dreams are in my mind. 

I'm here among fear about to lose my hope and give up, oh my me! How beautiful you were dreaming, how strong you thought you were, but now? Sitting in the corner looking for hope? Yes, I am looking for hope, and I  still believe in my dreams even though fear does not let I do so. 

Muzhda :)