Earth – The colorful "ball" we live on

Colorful "Ball"  we live on

This colorful “Ball” we live on is called Earth.

Earth is rich in water, mountains, ores, plains, plants, animals.

The countries are rich in nations, cultures, differences, specialties.

Let's do our best to make our “Ball” greener, more colorful, happier.

Every year, on April 22, we celebrate Earth Day.

Earth is our home and we are all responsible for it – children, young people and the elderly. We have a duty to take care of it and preserve it.

Global environmental actions are slowly changing consciousness and the world, but time is running out. We urgently need to be informed better, more involved, more active... Each and every one of us!

For decades now, Earth has been calling for help!

Floods, torrents, erosion, storms, droughts, heat waves, fires, rising air temperatures, accelerating sea level rise and melting ice ...Sometimes it seems that we are all too self-absorbed, few live today in harmony and coexistence with nature. 

We need to change that. We need to change ourselves. So the world doesn't change. For worse. Of course, environment friendly messages are important to raise awareness, but these ideas need to be revived and carried out. Every day.

I tried to find some simple examples and actions that we can all do to help Earth, and with some small BIG changes, become eco-conscious today (remember to follow local guidance regarding COVID-19, though. You may need to wait to take some of these actions until you can go back to the streets, depending on where you live. These are some actions you can take at home).

? Walk more, use cars less, ride a bike, roller skate, run, use public transportation. You will save on fuel, reduce the pollution and you’ll make improvements to your health.

? Replace plastic bags with linen, replace plastic cutlery with reusable ones. It takes about 1000 years for nature to decompose only one plastic object, and about 240 years for a plastic bag. Recycle plastic bottles. Collect plastic plugs and donate them to local charity.

? Close the faucet while brushing your teeth, washing hands or applying shampoo and shower gel - this way you will use less water, make the water bill lower and the Earth happier. :) You can save up to 7 and a half liters of water with just one wash! 

? Replace ordinary batteries with rechargeable ones. Battery production is detrimental to the environment so make sure to dispose used batteries properly with an authorized collector after use. Batteries are hazardous waste and take up to 2 million years to decommission.

? Be rational and frugal. Print on both sides of the paper. In your household use kitchen towels instead of paper ones. Less paper waste is actually a great service to Earth! :) 

?Separate waste and dispose of it in the provided containers for plastic, glass, paper. Make yourself aware! Waste is not garbage and can be easily converted and reused. A jar of marmalade with a bit of color and decoration can become a pen box and the old boots if filled with soil will easily replace flower pots.

 ? Buy organic, non-chemical foods or hygiene products that are labeled as made of natural ingredients. Read the lowercase letters on the declarations! 

 ? Plant your tree now! Planting large numbers of trees is the one of the most effective way to fight global warming. Plant fruit trees or herbs in a jar on the balcony. If you can, plant your own vegetable garden or orchard. You will eat healthier and help the Earth to heal.

? Be socially responsible. Take care of your pets, feed birds in the park, volunteer at animal shelters. Sign up for beach, park, forest cleaning.

 ? Give, donate things you do not use which you believe might be good and useful for someone.

? Be creative. Arrange flowers, create interesting pieces and useful items made of natural and waste materials. Find tutorials and instructions on how to make one garment from another. Transform a T-shirt into a bag or dress in a skirt.

Our little everyday choices and actions can make a big change.

These suggestions play a big role in slowing down climate change, although you have heard of them before, right? I hope they will encourage you to become more aware and environmentally friendly today. Climate change is no longer a problem of the future, it is happening to us now.

Start thinking green and think of ways you can reduce waste and increase your actions for Earth. Encourage family members, relatives and friends to become eco-conscious.

It’s time!

It's time to start living green!

It's time to start taking care of Earth.

We are all responsible.

Me, and you, and we, all of us. Together.

Nina Topić (16, Croatia) Young ambassador for the rights of children and young people of the European Union.