Earth as a Flower

A photo of a seed being planted

Most people when they think of flowers they see delicacy , colourful and love/relationships. So what if earth was seen as humanity’s flower?

A seed planted in fertile soil,

A new beginning; greatly appreciated,

Earth's natural resources, one in the galaxy 

Greatly appreciated.

A smile plastered on one’s face; sweet and gentle, my flower sprouted.

Sunshine and rain infused with oxygen,

Earth's importance is never questioned.

The flower sprouted flamboyant petals.

Humanity's heart, overjoyed,

The flower continued to increase in

Beauty, growth, and resources

Everything seemed perfect for the flower.



the flower lost its value,

Its once-humid climate,

Long-forgone to global warming 

Its water supply, tainted with 

Pollution and rubbish.

Its petals, ashen;

Earth's trees, cut down,

Its once natural compelling beauty,

Replaced with 

Man-made infrastructure and technology.

Its once flourished, soil,

Poisoned with our carbon footprint.

The once-fresh air, intoxicated with carbon emissions and fossil fuels. 


Humanity notices:

Desperation infiltrates the land 

‘Save the flower’ 

Engraved in everyone’s heart,

The flower smiled when watched but cried silent tears,

Clean water was never found,

Fertile soil was never found,

Fresh air was never found,

Natural resources were wiped out.



The flower perished.

Famine affected humanity

Diseases spread

Man-made infrastructure could only fill in the void for a short period of time.

Those who once cherished the flower,

Long for its charisma and realism,

They now all long for:

Humanity's flower.

Oh, Earth

You are too wonderful 

For anybody to notice you.

If only we saw the signs sooner, if only we didn’t become careless and ignorant of the things around us.

You know what to do and you certainly know how to do it. So what will you do to make sure Earth doesn’t become the protagonist of this poem?

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