The earth will take a deep breath again

a drawing of the earth in black and white and it is full of flowers

Isolation knocked at our doorsteps,

silently letting the chaos take away our loved ones,

in a cold whisper that we never heard


Time seemed to reach a full stop,

after an eternity of chasing after us


We stalked those moments 

that had passed by our helpless eyes

and my hungry mind fed on the fear-


That now creeps in


The fear that this remoteness may envelope me,

in a dark blanket 


And dim our bright eyes of the earth’s beauty

In the ethereal paintings made by the sky,

and the moonlight illuminating the streets


And not to forget,

the desolate and ugly that hides in corners

within a planet that never sleeps


Yet, the fiery sun longs to shine down on the rooftops

of locked up houses

and on the magnificent glass heights

that crowd each other



there you see-

People of duty that are getting out of their closed gates 

And becoming heroes of this nation

As they stand on frontlines and wage war against an enemy


And my heart races at the thought

of opening my eyes once more,

Being reborn

into this world of artists


For the earth will take it’s deep breath again-

And everything goes on-

So I hold on tight

to all the mysteries of this universe