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In those unending days which screamed for a little pace, 

I stayed silent while fighting my inner disappointment,

I was unable to search for the reason I wanted to face.

Why I feel sad? Why I can’t spend a moment without a thought which is raising my inner demon?

I loved how binging over my phone screen kept my brain busy,

But how to find serendipity with just me!

There are times when I feel insecure about myself.

It’s when I am not able to find peace with oneself.

It does not generally mean that I am depressed.

But there is some wound which I need to heal to keep my progress.

Waiting for reasons to know why this feeling has arisen,

I deepened the wound to worsen.

I was doing great until I realized that things are not working the way it should.

Making my friendship a little better and to get better at my work,

I lost myself in something I was not meant to be.

Is being good this bad for myself that I hurt my own self while trying to impress the rest?

I laughed how foolish I made myself in front of those who gave no damn to my presence in the lightened core.

This is a simple lesson of life to find the echo inside your mind.

Not to let people degrade you but the confidence to upgrade you.

When the soul starts to feel bad, its time to give some time to rise again.

If a step back and a break from the race is what will heal the wounds,

I am so going to win the echo inside mine this time.

~ Kajal

When the inner conflicts end, peace begins.