Education: My right, my fight, not a privilege.

My right, no privilege.

Education for long has been either an excuse to appreciate someone for their achievements or something annoying to a few. But who decides who will have access to education and who will not? In the modern world, we are facing copious crises and scarcity of quality education is just one of many.

I have had the privilege of receiving quality education since childhood; that's what makes me confident, self-efficient and also knowledgeable. But what about those who deserve education but can't access it due to their dire conditions?

My idea is to spread education, the fruit of knowledge. In Indian culture, we have a Sanskrit saying that says knowledge is the only treasure that pervades the world while you spread it and pass it on. Unfortunately, what we are fighting for is itself a misty and inefficient nexus. We ask world leaders and authorities to do something as urgently as possible, but are we really taking actions to ameliorate this much abetted issue? 

I have been a part of the official #LetmeLearn campaign and I fiercely say that each and every child has an untested and unapproved acumen of his or her own, but through education, we can make sure that we materialise it and invest it in the development and enhancement of our world and the principles of sustainability. Education as a right and a "granted right" will open infinite doors of opportunities and possibilities for us, to explore, engage and enhance ourselves.

We need it, more clearly, we want to have it! We want to learn and grow. We feel downtrodden when we are asked to campaign for our fundamental right. Education is our Meraki, for us, we, the prospective world leaders, harbingers of hope and beacons of belief. We are going to be the usherers of development and growth. We deserve it. We call to spotlight the attention of the authorities in unison towards alleviating our pain and changing the current agenda surrounding education. 

Education is our right, our fight, not a privilege. We will strive towards achieving it no matter what impediments try to turn us down. 


Gunchaa, India, 17.