Education is our right

Education is our right not privilege!!!

Last week was children’s rights week in South Africa and the 27th of May every year is National Children’s Day in Nigeria. Yet children do not have access to the rights and privileges promised to them by the government and society at large.  

According to BICE, children have the right to education: “All children have the right to an education and access to skills which will help them prepare for their future.”

The future seems uncertain because the basic foundation for education is still not accessible to some children. In my village for instance, children still trek long distances to be able to access quality education. This is totally unacceptable!!!. I didn’t choose to be born less privileged but my situation shouldn’t be mocked by the government and society. My rights must be respected and fulfilled to the latter.

Education should be free for children but the sad reality is we still pay to be educated even at the fundamental level (primary education). Child labor is still a thing all because children are saddled with the responsibility of being bread winners when they should be moulding their educational foundation.

We must all wake up and give children their rights.