Education is a right for every child

teaching a child
Teaching a child

As a child and a youth activist who grew up in a developing country, a country where not every child has access to quality education, I have developed a passion to raise awareness and help promote quality education to all children in my society and worldwide .

My name is Omary Mwesongo and I grew up in Tanzania. I have obtained the most quality education my parents could offer me. But I haven't been happy with the education that I got and which I am still getting because millions of children in Tanzania and beyond have no access to quality education due to different social-economical and cultural reasons.  As a youth activist advocating on quality education, I have dedicated my time and energy to ensure that all children in my society have access to quality education. 

I wish to impact this to you dear reader and to ask you to volunteer on this noble cause. I believe the change you wish to see in your society begins with you and me. 

Thank You.



Helping orphans have access to quality education
United Republic of Tanzania