Education system failing


I believe our education system is failing. These days, it appears that it isn't much about learning. It seems to be all about tests, grades, and your school's average grade or percentage.

I believe many students aren't really gaining any knowledge at all. Grades are determining how smart we are or what schools we qualify to enter. Grades shouldn't determine this at all. Everybody is smart in their own way. Some teachers only care about themselves, their reputations and how they look to their school. Also, some teachers move on from lesson to lesson without taking the time to pause and see if their students actually understood what they taught.

Many peers of mine are focused on passing instead of actually learning, because this is how the system is.  Education determines how far we'll get in life, but how will it if many aren't actually learning? The grades some students get are from cheating, not from their own logic. This is what I mean when I say grades are becoming more important than our education. 

The education system is failing and really needs improvement.  

United States of America