The education system is moving us backwards

two protest signs that read our students are worth it and another that reads funding is key

The education system is probably one of the longest running systems in the world. Since the beginning, education has existed in one way or another. People teaching each other hunting methods, stories and even generational education of certain skills and family practices.

The goal of the formal education system was to educate pupils on theory rather than practical skills. Since then, very little has changed on the style of teaching, which is a problem seeing how much has changed and is still changing around us.

It's probably the most important part in development of not only the mind but the country. It allows to build competent skilled people to deal with finances, trade, environmental issues, and social development leading to a sustainable economy, environment and social climate.

Research has proven that the minds of all people alike are different, but the very system that leads to these psychological breakthroughs doesn't apply any changes to better itself. We all learn differently and our balances between our left and right brain are different and suited to the individual. So why are we put into a classroom and taught the exact same way?

Technology has developed to more than we could've ever imagined we could create. In fact, most tertiary institutions strive to prepare their students to handle an ever changing world. The 4th industrial revolution is upon us and we need to be preparing students as it will affect them the most.

Education needs to be personalised to the type of student one is. If we can't do that, then we're just wasting student's time. It's important that whatever a government chooses to do, they do it right. We have the completely wrong idea of what a schooling system should be.

Norway and Finland have completely redefined the way they see education. How about learning from each other? Seeing what the leaders in education have done and following their ways.

Personalisation of education is possible through technology. We have the most innovative method that could create this dream education system built on individualism. However, we have forgotten one part of this, how this new age of education leaves out the poorer countries and continents, mainly the whole African continent behind.

The implementation of the new age of technology would cost trillions for African countries to catch up to the west. Yet again division caused by historical events such as apartheid and colonialism. Many that speak on this issue seem to forget these events. For some countries, it hasn't been that long since they gained independence or democracy, and for many, if not all of them, they are still struggling to get back on their feet.

The goal isn't impossible to reach, however, as always, one thing is holding us back and that is greed. The money hungry mindset that has been engraved into leaders' heads isn't helping anyone. Without help from the giants with capital to help those countries that fall behind, a better tomorrow and better education is impossible.

I believe education is the most important step to building successful nations. We should be doing it right.

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.
- Nelson Mandela
South Africa