Effects of plastics and dumps on marines

A picture of marine getting entangled from the net.

How does plastic, dumps and garbage affect the lives of marines

I want to write this blog for the interest of marines and how we should be aware in learning about the major effects of waste materials in the lives of marines . Life, as a marine, is entirely spent on the sea or ocean. Marine wildlife spend  their lives under the body of water, thus suggesting the importance of keeping it clean and healthy. The most common issue faced by marines is the composition of plastics,dumps, garbage on the sea which is known as marine debris. Marine debris acts as a harmful human-created waste that affects the lives of marines in different ways. Apparently,  100,000 marine species have died with the exhaustion of plastic debris and this to say, is the leading cause of marine deaths. 

Let's find out how plastics and waste materials act as a big foil to marine life:

1) Lack of oxygen: Plastics are reportedly known for their active role in suffocating the body of marines. With their limited air-tight and thin bag,bottles, and straws ,plastics create a suffocative effect on the living bodies of the sea by not allowing them to get enough breath. Marines get tightened up with the plastic bags hovering around the sea, making it hard for the species to breathe. The lack of oxygen caused by plastics is a big example of suffocation among the marines. 

2) Dumps/Plastics as food consumption: Unintentionally, most marine species consume dumps and plastics as the means of their food. They fall prey to these harmful materials without any knowledge of what it holds for them. Unlike humans, wildlife animals do not think twice about using dumps/plastics as their food. This is one reason why plastics and dumps should be banned on the sea. The more waste materials on the sea, the more lives of marine species are at cost. Additionally, garbages when consumed by the marines lead to starvation and intestinal blockage in the system. 

3) Entanglement: Undoubtedly, garbage acts as an entanglement within the lives of marines. In the process of swimming and looking around for foods, marines find themselves getting entangled with bags of plastics and garbage which then mesh their bodies. These waste materials leave an immediate effect on the marines by disturbing their activities and free will on the sea. 

From the points above, it’s evident that dumps and plastics on the sea generate more harm and danger for marine species. It affects their day-to-day activities, stops them from swimming freely, kills them through suffocation, etc. Whether it's fishes, whales, seabirds, and turtles, none of these marine species are an exception to the danger of plastic debris. Bearing this in mind, it is primarily important to ensure in cleaning down all the water materials available on the sea because marines, like humans, deserve a healthy environment to live in.