Emotions or Logic?

"emotions or logic?" written on white background

Back to the age-old question – emotions or logic? Head or heart? Reasons or feelings? Different people have answered that question differently. Some prefer the pragmatic side and some, the emotional one. The answer to every question depends upon the perspective. An answer good enough for someone might just offend someone. So, let me tell you my take on this whole debate.

I believe there are emotions behind logic and logic behind emotions. Logic and emotions are but two sides of the same coin. Without each other, it will be a counterfeit – currency or people. A person ripped out of emotions is bad as a person ripped out of logic. Or sometimes, one who is overflowing with reasoning or feelings, they too end up making the wrong decisions.

Now first, what are wrong decisions? The answer is actually quite simple – you decide what’s right and what’s wrong for you. Everything in this universe works according to rules. So do humans, they all have their very own constitution, their very own ethics and morals according to which they make choices. These ethics might change with time, therefore sometimes a decision that looks bad in the start turns out to be the right one in the end, and vice versa. Many times, we have to make sacrifices to take the right path. If the sacrifices are too large and the suffering is too much, we alter our ethics to not to feel the pain. Some change themselves to fit the situation and others change the situation to fit them. Everyone works in virtue with their power, and therefore it’s wrong to justify a decision as wrong or right.

Philosophy, it’s paradoxical. It makes itself and it kills itself. And yet, it lives for eternity, and everyone has their own understanding of this world. They all have a collection of do’s and don’ts, a collection of what’s right and what’s wrong. Right or wrong? Good or evil? Emotions or logic? Answers to these questions are subjective. No particular answer is true, none is false too. I won’t give you an answer, something that works for me might just ruin your life. Instead, I can help you on the journey to find your ethics and make the decision that is right for you. Anyways, I should tell you how I balance both:

I trust in my heart, and it trusts my brain. Whenever I am in between the emotions vs logic quarrel, I just suddenly know what I should do. The court of the heart is generous and honest, and when you present logic and verdicts, it just presents you with the answer. I don’t know how this happens, but there is always a sudden moment of enlightenment in everyone's life when they just know what to do. 

You too will find that moment, if you remain calm and listen carefully. And don’t be afraid of making the wrong decision, because superficially, your wrong is the right and your right is the wrong, for you or for someone else.