Empowering Today’s Youth

Youth Empowerment

Young people are capable of doing incredible and even beyond belief things. When young people are inspired, educated, and raised in an environment where others openly encourage and value their opinions and thoughts on different issues, shaping and developing our society would come so much better and easier. 

According to United Nations data, there are 1.2 billion young people aged 15 to 24 years of age, accounting for 16 percent (%) of the global population. With this number, it is safe to say that youth have the power to decide and shape the future, not just of a country; they can define and mold the eventual fate of the world as well. 

The very reason why we continue to promote youth empowerment within communities around the world is that we want to inspire and give them the drive they need in order to take control of their future and their lives. Continuous Youth Empowerment will lead to young people's development and improvement of skills they will need in the future. Also, knowing and discovering their full potential and capabilities will result in unleashing their best traits and qualities as human beings, giving them better chances of a better future.


Youth Day, 2018


Here are 3 ways you can empower the youth:

Knowledge Development

Because knowledge is power, we must educate and present true and honest education to young people in order for them to have the right weapons and defenses in facing life’s challenges.

Honor the Youth Voice

Make it known that their opinions and thoughts about certain topics and issues are heard and understood by allowing them to freely use their voices as young people; it could be in an organization or voicing out in general. This way we can strengthen and ensure our partnership with youth and make a secure connection with them.

Give Youth a chance to fail, but help them learn to succeed

Let Youth know that failure is anything but something terrible to happen for it is essential for them to figure out what made this turn out badly so that they know what to enhance and improve.

"Youth Empowerment is incredibly important- it gives kids and teens the courage to believe in themselves, to not be swayed by the opinions of others, and to go after their dreams. "
Hally Spiller, Boys & Girls of America.